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Hello my little friends

2012-06-07 00:09:48 by GamesR4FITE

Alright, I have no faffing idea what I'm doing right now. I'm a twenty-something hardcore gaymer grrl from Southern California who likes to waste her time trying to learn a thousand talents at once, Flash animations and games being one of them. I suck at programming but I'm alright at drawing, especially when I take the time to gather reference images first. I also have a youtube channel I'm fairly proud of, GamesR4FITE, where I do let's plays, game reviews, game music videos and other video game related stuffs.

I've come to NG off and on since it inceptions, but never progressed beyond detatched lurker. But now that I'm doing Flash animations more regularly and youtube still doesn't allow SWF uploads (and I can't figure out how to get any other video types that aren't total crap) I thought I'd try signing up for NG at long last.

I also have a pretty good microphone I use for filming my videos and would be happy to do voice work for anyone's animation if I like the project. Game-related videos, especially series I love like Legend of Zelda and Halo, are pretty likely to excite me. ;)


Hello my little friends